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The Photometry

The DustPedia archive contains photometry across 42 UV-microwave bands for the 875 DustPedia galaxies (a total of 21,857 photometric measurements). Consistent aperture-matched photometry was performed to all available maps of the GALEX, SDSS, 2MASS, WISE, Spitzer, Herschel surveys, hosted in the data archive, combined with external supplementary photometry for IRAS and Planck surveys.
The user can retrieve the derived photometry tables (in csv format) from the links below. "DustPedia Main Photometry" provides all the available photometric measurements for the GALEX, SDSS, DSS, 2MASS, WISE, Spitzer, Herschel surveys, "DustPedia IRAS Photometry" provides the photometry for the IRAS survey and "DustPedia Planck Photometry" provides the photometry for the Planck survey. All the photometric measurements are in Jy. Redshift-independent distances for all the DustPedia galaxies are provided in "Homogenized redshift-independent distances".
A detailed description of the multiwavelength image reduction and photometry is provided in Clark et al. (2018, A&A, 609, 37).

Photometry Files