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SED modeling of the DustPedia galaxies using CIGALE

Here we present the results from fitting the DustPedia galaxies with CIGALE. CIGALE was adapted accordingly in order to include the dust properties calculated by the THEMIS model. Fluxes having major flags were excluded from the fit. 815 out of the 875 galaxies had sufficient data and could be fitted. In addition, CIGALE results using the DL14 dust model are also provided. Results are presented in Nersesian et al. (2019, 624, 80).
Template SEDs for galaxies of various Hubble Stages (T) and luminosity bins are provided here. A detailed analysis is presented in Bianchi et al. (2018, A&A, 620, 112).
CIGALE/THEMIS Table with CIGALE output parameters using the THEMIS dust model (ReadMe)
CIGALE/DL14 Table with CIGALE output parameters using the DL14 dust model (ReadMe)

Galaxy Name Hubble Stage (T) from to V (km/s) from to
Inclination (deg.) from to D25 (arcmin) from to

875 Galaxies found.

Galaxy Data SEDs
Name: NGC0254
RA(2000): 11.87
DEC(2000): -31.42
Hubble Stage(T): -1.2
Hubble Type: S0-a
V (km/s): 1626
D25 (arcmin): 2.75
Inclination (deg.): 57.4
SFR (M☉/yr): 1.125E-02±9.167E-03
Mstar (M☉): 1.797E+10±3.936E+09
Mdust (M☉): 6.262E+05±5.100E+05
FUV Attenuation: 0.209±0.102
Tdust (Κ): 21.937±1.167

Best model fit
Name: NGC0274
RA(2000): 12.76
DEC(2000): -7.06
Hubble Stage(T): -2.8
Hubble Type: E-S0
V (km/s): 1721
D25 (arcmin): 1.26
Inclination (deg.): 37.8
SED not available
Name: NGC0275
RA(2000): 12.77
DEC(2000): -7.07
Hubble Stage(T): 6.0
Hubble Type: SBc
V (km/s): 1748
D25 (arcmin): 1.74
Inclination (deg.): 38.2
SED not available
Name: NGC0289
RA(2000): 13.18
DEC(2000): -31.21
Hubble Stage(T): 4.0
Hubble Type: SBbc
V (km/s): 1630
D25 (arcmin): 3.39
Inclination (deg.): 43.0
SFR (M☉/yr): 2.300E+00±3.281E-01
Mstar (M☉): 3.746E+10±7.218E+09
Mdust (M☉): 2.700E+07±3.656E+06
FUV Attenuation: 1.087±0.126
Tdust (Κ): 20.238±1.717

Best model fit
Name: NGC0300
RA(2000): 13.72
DEC(2000): -37.68
Hubble Stage(T): 6.9
Hubble Type: Scd
V (km/s): 165
D25 (arcmin): 19.5
Inclination (deg.): 48.5
SFR (M☉/yr): 2.045E-01±2.905E-02
Mstar (M☉): 2.167E+09±8.883E+08
Mdust (M☉): 4.980E+06±2.017E+06
FUV Attenuation: 0.391±0.083
Tdust (Κ): 16.144±5.07

Best model fit
Name: NGC0337
RA(2000): 14.96
DEC(2000): -7.58
Hubble Stage(T): 6.7
Hubble Type: SBcd
V (km/s): 1649
D25 (arcmin): 2.95
Inclination (deg.): 50.6
SFR (M☉/yr): 2.002E+00±1.463E-01
Mstar (M☉): 5.760E+09±1.779E+09
Mdust (M☉): 7.649E+06±6.113E+05
FUV Attenuation: 1.579±0.103
Tdust (Κ): 24.912±0.635

Best model fit
Name: NGC0428
RA(2000): 18.23
DEC(2000): 0.98
Hubble Stage(T): 8.6
Hubble Type: SABm
V (km/s): 1155
D25 (arcmin): 2.82
Inclination (deg.): 47.9
SFR (M☉/yr): 7.154E-01±4.459E-02
Mstar (M☉): 3.349E+09±4.835E+08
Mdust (M☉): 5.625E+06±1.235E+06
FUV Attenuation: 0.386±0.056
Tdust (Κ): 19.345±2.131

Best model fit
Name: NGC0448
RA(2000): 18.82
DEC(2000): -1.63
Hubble Stage(T): -2.4
Hubble Type: S0
V (km/s): 1927
D25 (arcmin): 1.58
Inclination (deg.): 90.0
SFR (M☉/yr): 6.595E-03±7.016E-03
Mstar (M☉): 2.617E+10±5.402E+09
Mdust (M☉): 6.002E+05±9.786E+05
FUV Attenuation: 0.184±0.112
Tdust (Κ): 29.893±0.265

Best model fit
Name: NGC0450
RA(2000): 18.88
DEC(2000): -0.86
Hubble Stage(T): 5.8
Hubble Type: SABc
V (km/s): 1774
D25 (arcmin): 2.95
Inclination (deg.): 49.8
SFR (M☉/yr): 7.757E-01±5.589E-02
Mstar (M☉): 2.552E+09±8.698E+08
Mdust (M☉): 5.243E+06±1.074E+06
FUV Attenuation: 0.825±0.073
Tdust (Κ): 21.174±1.383

Best model fit
Name: NGC0493
RA(2000): 20.54
DEC(2000): 0.95
Hubble Stage(T): 5.9
Hubble Type: Sc
V (km/s): 2441
D25 (arcmin): 3.02
Inclination (deg.): 74.7
SFR (M☉/yr): 8.120E-01±1.074E-01
Mstar (M☉): 4.359E+09±9.689E+08
Mdust (M☉): 1.094E+07±2.226E+06
FUV Attenuation: 1.082±0.129
Tdust (Κ): 19.586±2.009

Best model fit