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Welcome to the DustPedia Archive

The DustPedia archive provides access to multiwavelength imagery and photometry for 875 nearby galaxies (every extended galaxy within 3000 km s-1 that was observed by the Herschel Space Observatory) as well as model derived physical parameters for each galaxy (Davies et al. 2017, PASP, 129, 4102). A detailed description of the multiwavelength image reduction and photometry is provided in Clark et al. (2018, A&A, 609, 37). In order to interpret the data a new physical model for dust (THEMIS), developed within the DustPedia framework, was implemented into a new Bayesian method of fitting and interpreting spectral energy distributions (HerBIE) and a state-of-the-art Monte Carlo photon tracing radiative transfer model (SKIRT).
DustPedia is a project funded by the EU (grant agreement number 606847) under the heading ‘Exploitation of space science and exploration data (FP7-SPACE-2013-1)’ and is a collaboration of six European institutes: Cardiff University (UK), National Observatory of Athens (Greece), Instituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (Italy), Universiteit Gent (Belgium), Commissariat à l'énergie atomique (France), Université Paris Sud (France).
The archive is under continuous development so some features are currently restricted to the DustPedia members only. 

Latest Archive News

19/02/2020 - The files containing H2 masses for 255 DustPedia galaxies were uploaded under "Ancillary Data". A detailed analysis is presented in Casasola et al. (2020, A&A, 633, 100).

04/02/2019 - Ancillary Data are now publlicly available. H2 masses will also be available soon.

11/12/2018 - CIGALE, MBB, SKIRT results are now publicly available.

03/10/2018 - Template SEDs, using CIGALE, for galaxies of various Hubble Stages (T) and luminosity bins are provided here. A detailed analysis is presented in Bianchi et al. (2018, A&A, 620, 112).

10/08/2018 - The files containing Optical spectroscopy measurements, Global metallicity measurements and Metallicity measurements in regions were updated under "Ancillary Data".

30/04/2018 - Hubble stages with error estimates are now included in the relevant files (Ηomogenised redshift-independent distances under "Photometry" and DustPedia_WISE1_decomp_add_2.0 under "Ancillary Data")

17/04/2018 - Ancillary information (HI, CO, metallicity and line measurements) for the DustPedia galaxies culled from the literature is now available. 2D modeling of the morphology of the galaxies is also included.

08/03/2018 - Updates and bug fixes performed in CIGALE. The new results were uploaded on the web. Fits tables containing the best fit results are also available (their links are found under the SED plots).

20/10/2017 - Some python scripts, useful for downloading sets/groups of data from the archive, are now available.

19/09/2017 - The first modeling results using SKIRT are now available.

19/09/2017 - CIGALE fits to the DustPedia galaxies with dust properties calculated by the THEMIS model.

04/09/2017 - A name resolver now allows you to search for your favorite galaxy using any alternative name.

28/08/2017 - Data and Photometry are now publicly available. 

20/07/2017 - Modified Black-Body fits to the DustPedia galaxies with the new corrected emissivity law adapted to the THEMIS model.

13/05/2017 - Results from a Modified Black-Body fit to the DustPedia galaxies are now available. They can be found in the "MBB" section (requires login).

22/10/2016 - Figures showing the photometry apertures per band are now available per galaxy. They can be found in the "Data" section under the link "Photometry cutouts" (requires login).

27/09/2016 - The PACS maps were updated.

12/09/2016 - Some Spitzer/MIPS error maps were added.

12/09/2016 - Revised WISE maps were produced using the up-to-date calibration. The effect is a change in pixel values in each band of the following factors: 0.985 (at 3.4 microns), 0.982 (at 4.6 microns), 1.065 (at 12 microns), 0.985 (at 22 microns).

11/09/2016 - Photometry of the DustPedia galaxies uploaded.

05/08/2016 - 15 galaxies were reproccessed using corrected pixel size for the MIPS maps. These are: NGC3458, ESO157-047, NGC0895, UGC12160, NGC3440, NGC3445, NGC3458, NGC1617, NGC1705, NGC3488, PGC008962, NGC6143, IC2085, UGC05846, NGC3353.

21/06/2016 - The PACS data reduction was revisited and the final dataset was uploaded.

21/05/2016 - S4G data is being used whenever available at 3.6 and 4.5 um, providing additional 3.6 um maps for a number of galaxies.

18/03/2016 - Some SPIRE 350, and 500 micron maps were created with the default pixel sizes (10 and 14 arcseconds respectively). These are now corrected  to pixel sizes of 8 and 12 arcseconds respectively.

17/03/2016 - The naming of the Planck files for the 1380, 4260, 6810, and 10600 micron bands were changed so that to reflect the real wavelength values (instead of 1400, 4300, 6900, and 10000 used before).