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SED modeling of the DustPedia galaxies using a Modified Black-Body (MBB)

Here we present the results from fitting the DustPedia galaxies with a Modified Black-Body model. The fit is applied to all available fluxes beyond 70 microns. The model assumes an emissivity of κλ=6.40 x (250/λ)1.790 cm2/gr adapted to the THEMIS model. Fluxes having major flags were excluded from the fit. 682 out of the 875 galaxies had sufficient data and could be fitted. A bootstrap analysis was used to calculate the uncertainties in dust temperatures, luminosities and masses.

MBB SED parameters

Galaxy Name Hubble Stage (T) from to V (km/s) from to
Inclination (deg.) from to D25 (arcmin) from to

875 Galaxies found.

Galaxy Data SEDs
Name: UGC08032
RA(2000): 193.68
DEC(2000): 13.24
Hubble Stage(T): 2.0
Hubble Type: Sab
V (km/s): 1119
D25 (arcmin): 2.69
Inclination (deg.): 90.0
Dust Temperature (K): 19.065±1.369
Dust Mass (M☉): 9.024E+05±3.104E+05
Name: UGC08042
RA(2000): 193.79
DEC(2000): 7.92
Hubble Stage(T): 4.1
Hubble Type: Sbc
V (km/s): 2652
D25 (arcmin): 1.07
Inclination (deg.): 56.1
Dust Temperature (K): 18.831±2.977
Dust Mass (M☉): 4.198E+06±7.094E+06
Name: UGC08181
RA(2000): 196.35
DEC(2000): 32.90
Hubble Stage(T): 8.0
Hubble Type: Sd
V (km/s): 895
D25 (arcmin): 1.2
Inclination (deg.): 90.0
Dust Temperature (K): 11.079±5.366
Dust Mass (M☉): 6.357E+05±8.399E+05
Name: UGC08201
RA(2000): 196.60
DEC(2000): 67.71
Hubble Stage(T): 9.9
Hubble Type: I
V (km/s): 31
D25 (arcmin): 3.31
Inclination (deg.): 71.2
Dust Temperature (K): 12.161±9.667
Dust Mass (M☉): 2.495E+05±2.707E+05
Name: UGC08246
RA(2000): 197.52
DEC(2000): 34.18
Hubble Stage(T): 5.9
Hubble Type: SBc
V (km/s): 820
D25 (arcmin): 2.45
Inclination (deg.): 80.0
Dust Temperature (K): 17.878±1.488
Dust Mass (M☉): 2.782E+06±1.180E+06
Name: UGC08333
RA(2000): 198.97
DEC(2000): 25.44
Hubble Stage(T): 9.7
Hubble Type: I
V (km/s): 937
D25 (arcmin): 1.12
Inclination (deg.): 90.0
Dust Temperature (K): 11.738±3.312
Dust Mass (M☉): 3.948E+06±2.926E+06
Name: UGC08412
RA(2000): 200.72
DEC(2000): 35.15
Hubble Stage(T): 5.9
Hubble Type: Sc
V (km/s): 740
D25 (arcmin): 1.02
Inclination (deg.): 78.2
SED not available
Name: UGC08630
RA(2000): 204.60
DEC(2000): 33.12
Hubble Stage(T): 5.7
Hubble Type: Sc
V (km/s): 2409
D25 (arcmin): 1.78
Inclination (deg.): 80.6
Dust Temperature (K): 20.625±1.676
Dust Mass (M☉): 3.624E+06±1.180E+06
Name: UGC08662
RA(2000): 205.32
DEC(2000): 33.77
Hubble Stage(T): 5.9
Hubble Type: Sc
V (km/s): 2026
D25 (arcmin): 1.45
Inclination (deg.): 86.3
Dust Temperature (K): 19.498±5.525
Dust Mass (M☉): 1.602E+06±5.416E+06
Name: UGC08693
RA(2000): 206.12
DEC(2000): 35.19
Hubble Stage(T): 4.2
Hubble Type: Sbc
V (km/s): 2442
D25 (arcmin): 1.17
Inclination (deg.): 63.4
Dust Temperature (K): 19.442±1.037
Dust Mass (M☉): 8.112E+06±1.913E+06