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SED modeling of the DustPedia galaxies using a Modified Black-Body (MBB)

Here we present the results from fitting the DustPedia galaxies with a Modified Black-Body model. The fit is applied to all available fluxes beyond 70 microns. The model assumes an emissivity of κλ=6.40 x (250/λ)1.790 cm2/gr adapted to the THEMIS model. Fluxes having major flags were excluded from the fit. 682 out of the 875 galaxies had sufficient data and could be fitted. A bootstrap analysis was used to calculate the uncertainties in dust temperatures, luminosities and masses.

MBB SED parameters

Galaxy Name Hubble Stage (T) from to V (km/s) from to
Inclination (deg.) from to D25 (arcmin) from to

875 Galaxies found.

Galaxy Data SEDs
Name: NGC5122
RA(2000): 201.06
DEC(2000): -10.65
Hubble Stage(T): -1.5
Hubble Type: S0-a
V (km/s): 2857
D25 (arcmin): 1.15
Inclination (deg.): 33.3
Dust Temperature (K): 14.844±10.411
Dust Mass (M☉): 3.549E+06±5.311E+06
Name: NGC5128
RA(2000): 201.37
DEC(2000): -43.02
Hubble Stage(T): -2.1
Hubble Type: S0
V (km/s): 552
D25 (arcmin): 25.7
Inclination (deg.): 47.3
Dust Temperature (K): 25.913±2.461
Dust Mass (M☉): 8.422E+06±2.079E+06
Name: NGC5145
RA(2000): 201.31
DEC(2000): 43.27
Hubble Stage(T): 2.0
Hubble Type: SABa
V (km/s): 1226
D25 (arcmin): 1.86
Inclination (deg.): 35.5
Dust Temperature (K): 25.247±0.819
Dust Mass (M☉): 4.027E+07±4.696E+06
Name: NGC5147
RA(2000): 201.58
DEC(2000): 2.10
Hubble Stage(T): 7.9
Hubble Type: SBd
V (km/s): 1090
D25 (arcmin): 1.48
Inclination (deg.): 25.2
Dust Temperature (K): 22.369±0.805
Dust Mass (M☉): 7.261E+06±8.936E+05
Name: NGC5194
RA(2000): 202.47
DEC(2000): 47.20
Hubble Stage(T): 4.0
Hubble Type: Sbc
V (km/s): 461
D25 (arcmin): 13.8
Inclination (deg.): 32.6
SED not available
Name: NGC5195
RA(2000): 202.50
DEC(2000): 47.27
Hubble Stage(T): 0.6
Hubble Type: SBa
V (km/s): 472
D25 (arcmin): 5.5
Inclination (deg.): 40.5
SED not available
Name: NGC5236
RA(2000): 204.25
DEC(2000): -29.87
Hubble Stage(T): 5.0
Hubble Type: Sc
V (km/s): 508
D25 (arcmin): 13.49
Inclination (deg.): 14.1
Dust Temperature (K): 27.441±5.540
Dust Mass (M☉): 1.953E+07±7.679E+06
Name: NGC5240
RA(2000): 203.98
DEC(2000): 35.59
Hubble Stage(T): 5.8
Hubble Type: SBc
V (km/s): 2230
D25 (arcmin): 1.82
Inclination (deg.): 47.4
Dust Temperature (K): 20.162±0.972
Dust Mass (M☉): 1.222E+07±2.259E+06
Name: NGC5248
RA(2000): 204.38
DEC(2000): 8.89
Hubble Stage(T): 4.0
Hubble Type: SABb
V (km/s): 1154
D25 (arcmin): 4.07
Inclination (deg.): 56.4
Dust Temperature (K): 23.682±0.747
Dust Mass (M☉): 1.575E+07±1.489E+06
Name: NGC5273
RA(2000): 205.54
DEC(2000): 35.65
Hubble Stage(T): -1.9
Hubble Type: S0
V (km/s): 1084
D25 (arcmin): 2.29
Inclination (deg.): 58.3
Dust Temperature (K): 37.303±5.525
Dust Mass (M☉): 6.719E+04±1.196E+05