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DustPedia Publications

"DustPedia - the relationships between stars, gas and dust for galaxies residing in different environments", J. I. Davies, A. Nersesian, M. Baes, S. Bianchi, V. Casasola, L. P. Cassarà, C. J. R. Clark, I. De Looze, P. De Vis, R. Evans, J. Fritz, M. Galametz, F. Galliano, A. P. Jones, S. Lianou, S. C. Madden, A. V. Mosenkov, M. W. L. Smith, S. Verstocken, S. Viaene, M. Vika, E. Xilouris, N. Ysard, 2019, A&A (submitted)
"Dust emission profiles of DustPedia galaxies", A. V. Mosenkov, M. Baes, S. Bianchi, V. Casasola, L. P. Cassara, C. J. R. Clark, J. Davies, I. De Looze, P. De Vis, J. Fritz, M. Galametz, F. Galliano, A. P. Jones, S. Lianou, S. C. Madden, A. Nersesian, M. W. L. Smith, A. Trčka, S. Verstocken, S. Viaene, M. Vika, E. Xilouris, 2019, A&A (accepted)
A systematic metallicity study of DustPedia galaxies reveals evolution in the dust-to-metal ratios”, P. De Vis, A. Jones, S. Viaene, V. Casasola, C. J. R. Clark, M. Baes, S. Bianchi, L. P. Cassara, J. I. Davies, I. De Looze, M. Galametz, F. Galliano, S. Lianou, S. Madden, A. Manilla-Robles, A. V. Mosenkov, A. Nersesian, S. Roychowdhury, M. Xilouris, N. Ysard, 2019 (accepted)
"The cosmic spectral energy distribution in the EAGLE simulation", Baes M., Trčka A., Camps P., Nersesian A., Trayford J., Theuns T., Dobbels W., 2019, MNRAS (submitted)
"The ISM scaling relations in late-type DustPedia galaxies", Casasola, V., Bianchi, S., De Vis, P., & the DustPedia collaboration, 2019 (in prep.)
"High-resolution, 3D radiative transfer modeling: II. The early-type spiral galaxy M81 and a modelling framework", S. Verstocken, 2019 (in prep.)
"Old and young stellar populations in nearby galaxies and their role in the dust heating", A. Nersesian, E.M. Xilouris, and DustPedia collaboration, 2018 (in prep.)
"Properties of the local early-type galaxies", L. P. Cassarà, E.M. Xilouris, A. Nersesian, and DustPedia collaboration, 2019 (in prep.)
"The gas to dust cycle in DustPedia dwarf galaxies", S. Roychowdhury, F. Galliano, P. De Vis, A. Jones, S. Madden, and the DustPedia collaboration, 2019 (in prep.)
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The Herschel Exploitation of Local Galaxy Andromeda (HELGA) VII. A SKIRT radiative transfer model and insights on dust heating” S. Viaene, M. Baes, A. Tamm, E. Tempel, G. Bendo, J. A. D. L. Blommaert, M. Boquien, A. Boselli, P. Camps, A. Cooray, I. De Looze, P. De Vis, J. A. Fernández-Ontiveros, J. Fritz, M. Galametz, G. Gentile, S. Madden, M. W. L. Smith, L. Spinoglio, and S. Verstocken, 2017, A&A, 599, 64
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